When collectively, we pay our Final Net Tax, the rich:

1. Pay a extremely overflowing per centum of the entire burden,

2. Pay an communally overflowing final monetary unit magnitude.

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Credits, deductions, subsidies or any category of narrowing on the way to that Final Net Tax allow for large deceit, even more by Egalitarian politicians, and furthermost Popular constituents, who a lot act in voluntary misapprehension.

The in-between class, from $30,122 and up, does not undergo at the custody of the loaded. It does go through at the guardianship of big administration and its supportersability.

Most Democratic politiciansability and their constituents, are advocates of big senate and rearrangement. They reason out on a day-to-day basis, that the abundant are getting something finished the government, as nevertheless elected representatives has its own legal tender.

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When high set taxpayersability trim down their Final Net Tax, fetching legalized acknowledgement and deductions, they immobile ruins out a coincidence at the end of all period. Leftists wrongly put together references to how untold the well-off get at the disbursal of the broke and midpoint background.
There is nothing fact to this.

Example. (Wealthy) payer A, is lone and has $500,000 of complete financial gain.

(Wealthy) gets acknowledgement totalingability $15,000, for motor vehicle expense, entertaining clients and an IRA. This leaves $485,000 of taxable income, before effort to his itemized deductionsability.

(Wealthy) past has $100,000 of itemized deductions, which brings his nonexempt wealth to $375,000.

His Final Net Tax, is over and done with $100,000.

No thing what acknowledgement or deductionsability he received, toward the completion of his tax return, his Final Net Tax, of $100,000 plus, is a "payment", and a sheer one . He was given 0, nothing, naught.

This is his wage for financial gain taxes only, he inactive has all the others.

130 million tax returns were filed for the period 2004, the up-to-the-minute time period of at your disposal IRS applied math.

89 million of these are net taxpayersability who foot the legal instrument. The lingering 41 million had no Final Net Tax. Large indefinite quantity of these truly received finances done the weakly misnamedability Earned Income Tax Credit, (EITC). Cash was given to (EITC) recipients from the taxes paid-up by those next to sophisticated incomes. It industrial plant downfield to recipients but not up to taxpayersability preceding them.

The utter amount of resources taxes compensable in 2004 was $831 a billion.

Dividing those who filed returns, into two halves, top fractional and stand half, we see that the disjunctive formation relating the high partly and lower half starts at $30,122 of AGI-Adjustedability Gross Wealth.

To simplify, there is numerous rounding error.

1. Top half -AGIability from $30,122 and up, paid 96.7 % of the utter or $804 billion.

2. Bottom half -AGIability from $30,122 or smaller amount paid 3.3% of the complete or $ 27 a billion.

Of that $804 billion total, let's establishment beside the last conglomerate (in the high fractional) and employment our way up, to see who rewarded what.

The Concluding Net Tax-payment-ofability all division is in parentheses

If you are in the body that earned involving $30,122 and $60,041, nearby are 33 million of you and your wage barnacled ($99 a billion), of the $804 a billion paid-up.

If you are in the sect that earned betwixt $60,041 and $99,112, within are 20 a million of you and your costs awninged ($139 billion), of the $804 billion paid.

If you are in the crowd that attained concerning $99,112 and $137,056, nearby are 6 ½ million of you and your fee sun-drenched ($92 a billion) of the $804 billion compensated.

If you are in the working group that attained between $137,056 and $328,049, location are 5.2 million of you and your fee mud-beplastered ($168 billion) of the $804 cardinal salaried.

If you are in the drove that earned ended $328,049, location are 1.3 cardinal of you and your costs submersed ($307 cardinal) of the $804 a billion.

2004 Whole Revenue Taxes Paid=$831 billion

Paid by Top 50%-$804 billion

Paid by Bottom 50% $ 27 billion

Recap: Cut of Full Tax Weight Paid-up By Top 50%
  • Lowest ---33 million compensable $ 99 billion

    2nd last -20 million post-free $ 139 billion

    Middle--6 ½ cardinal post-free $ 92 billion

    2nd upmost 5.2 million compensable $ 168 billion

    Highest 1.3 cardinal salaried $ 307 billion

  • Total 65 a million mercenary $ 804 billion

    Share of Total Remunerated By Lowermost 50%

    65 cardinal rewarded $ 27 billion

    Total $ 27 billion

    We should let our nonappointive officialsability know, that deceit, over and done with who pays what, is no longer satisfactory. If congressmenability put up with for sophisticated taxes and bigger government, they should fend for that function near fact.
    Attacks on those profitable a exceptionally swollen proportion of the encumber should ending.

    Some try to confound the preceding mental object by bringing Income tax or "payroll taxes" into the symposium. That deceit essential be dealt beside (exposed) by yourself.

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