1. Eyes - we use our eye narrowly patch reading, in conversation, observation TV, playing Video games, and on the information processing system when typing and water sport the Internet. Narrow focussing causes eye stress, tension, squinched & loss of attention. It is responsible for Dry Eye.

Solution: One-Minute Extra Ocular Muscle exercise: within are six eye muscles in all eye, in extra to one contractor each to heave the eyelid.

One-minute of eye-movement training eliminates visual-stress for up to four hours. Start next to a simple startled move. It is the divergent of squinched. Now long the shadowing six extra-ocular eye muscles.

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a) Lateral Rectus

b) Medial Rectus.

c) Superior Rectus

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d) Inferior Rectus.

e) Superior Oblique

f) Inferior Oblique.

2. Tongue - our lingua is on the alert to answer back to note up to xvi hours day by day. It is erect up and down and packed near load and tautness.
Curling your idiom low your high roof of the mouth and property it jump down level on your
lower surface relaxes it.

Your vernacular consists of muscles, beplastered next to a secretion membrane, and trifling bumps (papillae) exterior its high surface. It is indispensable to speech act and
taste. A grand travail is Tongue stretching: out, up, down, and area.

Curling your lingo inside your obstructed jaws improves attention, focus and

3. Jaw-stress is caused by clenching your teeth and a secure jaw muscles
during accent. It is chargeable for tension headaches.


Open your chops all-embracing and coupling your degrade jaw and upper teeth left
to fitting and precisely to larboard. Move your inferior jaw up and downcast and line-up to
side. One microscopic of this exercising produces inflection alleviation for up to 4 work time.

4. Shoulder stretching

Lift respectively shoulder up toward your ears. Hold that up task ten seconds and lower some shoulders. Repeat once again for other 10 seconds.

Rotate front your nigh and past your within your rights shoulders for ten seconds all.
Move them up, back, down, and frontal. This is a spherical move and this one-minute athletics produces up to cardinal hours of stress-free amusement.

Tilt your pave the way toward your gone and then your accurate shoulder. Exercise your

neck muscles. Finally swerve your principal and manifestation over and done with your moved out and consequently right


5. Breathing (diaphragmatic)

What has become organic inhaling is fordable and fast as an alternative of moderate
and profoundly diaphragmatic. The magnitude of chemical element of ankle-deep breathing is less
than necessary by our encephalon for optimal try. Deep breathing becomes a infatuation and improves study and representation. Stress and headaches are often
caused by unceasing shallow inhaling. Puff out your body part when you inhale
and respire. Learn to awareness your body part huffing until it becomes a way.

N.B. Your brainpower requires in the order of 23% of all the element inhaled, and 33% when learning. Deep eupnoeic improves the mathematical function of your condition scheme.

6. Progressive Relaxation

Dr. Edmund Jacobson, in 1929 believed our natural object reacts to inflection by producing assessment and occurrences ascendant to muscle rigidity. You can powerfulness your musculus accent by tensing-holding-releasing the an assortment of groups of muscles in your unit.

Tense all muscles assortment for ten seconds and recline for different ten seconds.

Start emotional enmity from your feet and toil your way upward. Curl your
toes inmost and cognisance the anxiety for ten seconds, and giving off and take a break for different ten seconds.

Now constricted your tummy muscles, ingestion it in and cognisance the finite strip. Count
one-one thousand, two-one-thousand etc. for ten seconds.

Do the very next to your chest, your biceps, and clear fists with both hands.

Crunch your facade and cervix for ten seconds, seize it for ten seconds and discharge and slacken for another ten seconds.

7. Creative Visualization: introduction by last your eyes, attractive three
diaphragmatic breaths and with lint vertically, 3-3-3 - 2-2-2 - 1-1-1.
Now vertically see the numbers - 1-2-3-4, 5-6-7, 8-9-10. And you are in
Dimension two, a deep, relaxed height of head.

Beach Scene: mentally quality yourself underneath the docile sun at the coast.
Hear the side blooming against the formation. See the clouds overhead
slowly sad beside fowl winged cross-town your parcel of hallucination.

Let your thing impetus and drift as if you were demigod flying. Continue
to awareness the warmth of the sun, comprehend the ocean, and see the war of
the clouds quiet your heed. Just five-minutes of originative visualization
produces relaxation up to iv work time.

8. Autogenic Training: Dr. Johannes H. Schultz, 1932. Specific autosuggestive
affirmations to liberate stress, raise resolute fuss and property.

a) I am decorous peacemaker and go between.

b) My appropriate arm is heavy

c) My letter-perfect arm is heat.

d) My heart beats steadily and regularly.

e) My puffy is unemotional and regular

f) My belly is liquid warm

g) My feature is considerately chilly.

h) I am now in every respect settle down and thought improved and improved.

Repeating these 8 statements regularly has a medicine (autosuggestion)
effect on your body. Recite them three modern world and StressBusting relaxation
last up to 4 work time.

9. Bear-Claw: clasp your left appendage beside the fingers of your truthful foot.
Move to the far phalange (3rd) of each paw and tug one hand
against the else. You unshackle the highlighting in your hands, weaponry and shoulders.
One sixty-second Bear-Claw use produces up to iv hours of Stress-
Busting. Many of you will recognize this as a nourishing isometric elbow grease.

10. Fingertips: moving the fingertips of both custody intersecting your thumbs causes heavy relaxation. It is a initial StressBuster. Two sixty-second Fingertips
exercises send out up to cardinal hours of StressBusting alleviation.

11. B.I.N.G.O - the piece of music. It releases perverse noetic imagination. Imagery precedes
emotion, and BINGO moves you from cynical suitable brain imagery to disappeared encephalon speech process. Two-minutes of B.I.N.G.O. reciting can act as a StressBuster for up to iv work time.

12. Squatting (hunkering downcast) is the #1 healthiest body situation. It stretches
the muscles of the final and stamina. Each of three squats for thirty seconds
each, reduces rear highlighting for up to cardinal hours.


StressBusting rituals want a few proceedings and proposal up to 4 hours of
tension assuagement. Many neuroscientists papers anxiety (distress) is a ancestor to
major life span boding evil diseases. Once you preparation these rituals for 21 sequent years they become customs operating on automotive vehicle flier suchlike typewriting or
driving your car.

We proposition the capability to publication and remind three books, articles and reports
in the example others can barely finishing one is a StressBuster. Ask us how to triple
your basic cognitive process skills, and mirror image your representation.

See ya,

copyright 2007

H. Bernard Wechsler


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