Looking for way to trademark meal that are express and effortless and don't necessitate another crossing to the store? Here are 3 casual and kid-friendly recipes!

1) Chicken and noodles: Time to make: 15 account Need: Chicken, Prego, noodles, oil, foodstuff/breadcrumbs.
Make pasta noodles, cesspit and set excursion. You can thaw these up by moving lower than hot water for of late a tiny.

Cut yellow-bellied breasts in partially lengthwise. Dredge (coat) the breast pieces next to breadcrumbs. If you don't have these, use flour, but add whatever origanum or Italian spices to the flour archetypical.
Heat chromatic oil (or canola) in a pan and add the capon pieces. Cook for about 4 min on respectively tenderloin. Cut to be certain they are poached through.

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Warm noodles if needed, and plant on prodigious platter. Add layer on top. Use Prego (or otherwise transcribed condiment) to top off the plate. Sprinkle next to parmesan and spoon out.

2) Chicken next to Salsa. NOT SPICY! Time to receive 20 proceedings. Need: Chicken, Salsa (you harvest the preservative horizontal), onion, open space pepper, grain.

Chop bulb and recreational area pepper vine. Cut fearful into small, bite-sized pieces.
Heat pan concluded average fry. Add onion, pepper, 1 cup salsa, 1 cup water, 1 cup tiny grain and chickenhearted.
Let stew for more or less 10-15 written account until hose down is engrossed and rooster is au gratin.

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3) Pasta. Yes, but add veggies and spices and formulate it sense impression like a new dish! Time: 20 transactions. Need: Hamburger meat or chicken, Veggies (whatever you have, onion, peppers, squash, tomatoes, etc), spices (Italian, oregano, basil), Prego/Ragu, Noodles.

Chop veggies and food (if yellow).

Brown your food in a pan and voidance oil off.

Add, Prego, veggies and roughly ½ t - 1t of spices ( I love a petite unnecessary basil!).
Let heat spell noodles fry. If condiment gets too dry newly add a miniature dampen.
Cook noodles, trough and tennis shot with your new sauce!
Top near herb leaves (dry is dry) or grated food.

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